Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the blog of The Boerne Bookshop. This is a space for me to discuss issues relating to the literary world. It will be very different from our primarily marketing posts on social media. Some of the topics will include censorship, writing, digital influences, genres, and anything else I decide to pontificate on. So, let’s get started.

I am frequently asked about what I carry and what I will not carry in my store. I try to have as wide a selection as possible, both by topic and by the perspective within those topics. I do not limit our stock to just “quality” writers or “correct” viewpoints. Hopefully, this means I will always have something a person will enjoy but will also have something that same person will consider “wrong”. I also try to have books that cause people to be intrigued. At the same time, there are some books I will not carry. These books are generally one I find distasteful or dishonest in their presentation. But I do not decide against carrying a book simply because I disagree with it. I have plenty of books that do not appeal to me. So, while the store will definitely be a reflection of me, I work to broaden that as much as possible. I am also always seeking input from customers, so that I can provide books that our community will enjoy. And while I cannot carry everything, I can order just about anything being published. Ordering obscure books for customers is my favorite way to find new stock for the store.

Always in pursuit of intriguing books,