When we read, we tend to find topics, authors, and themes we like and stick to them. Sometimes we will read on another subject based on an interest or recommendation. I'd like to propose that you try another way to get some variety in your reading. Try reading something from another time or place. I like history and science fiction and every once in a while I'll read something written a long time ago or from another culture. Reading books written a while back is interesting because there are different issues, assumptions, taboos, phrases, etc. that make for very interesting comparisons with writing in our own time. It shows that many of the things we assume to be permanent are not and time changes many generally accepted ideas. Reading something written in another culture really shows up the areas where people are similar and how certain aspects of culture differentiate us. I have read several science fiction books written in the Soviet Union and in current China. It really is fascinating what different directions a writer's mind can go in when they have a different background and culture.

Always in pursuit of intriguing books,