It is sometime said that you don’t know what you have until you lose it. It is also true that loss is a time to reflect on what you had. I seek to have a wide and enriching collection in my bookstore and am always asking for input from customers. John Newman was a customer with whom the staff here had frequent discussions about books, life, and the world. He was always seeking new history books, biographies, and books on current affairs. He also gave me regular recommendations on good writers and interesting topics to carry. His regularly purchased books to donate to the local Tea Party brought important issues to the attention of members. He truly loved books and sought to bring quality books to others. John recently passed away and it struck a chord with the entire staff here. Selling books to someone involves sharing interests, aspirations, vulnerabilities, and passions. John became a part of that relationship and directly enhanced the collection of books here at The Boerne Bookshop, improving our history, biography, and political science sections. We are always appreciative of customer input and I am grateful for all of John’s contributions. Thank you, John, for making The Boerne Bookshop a better bookstore for our community. My you rest in peace.

Always in pursuit of intriguing books (with a little help from our friends),